MacOS Lion + Matlab: “Tried to setup shared memory more then once” problem

I’ve tried Matlab 2011b on my macbook air with MacOS X Lion and faced the problem of not starting matlab after installation. Matlab’s icon just blinked once and that’s it.

I’ve found log in console: ([0x0-0x344344].com.mathworks.matlab[3834] Tried to setup shared memory more then once

peruser part made me to think about some problem with permissions. Since I’ve installed macports I cannot create folder in my home folder without “sudo” command. I’ve decided to fix this problem once for all and I hoped that it might help with MatLab problem too.

So I’ve:

  1. chosen my home folder,
  2. clicked “?(cmd)+i” (folder info) and found out that there is no me (user) having any permissions to my home folder, but there was “macports” user with all permissions (it’s very strange).
  3. I’ve added “administrators” group via clicking on + at the buttom and gave it “read and write” permissions (I cannot add mine user for some reason I do not know yet)
  4. And voila! Now I’am able to create anything in my home folder and Matlab have started. 🙂